On June 26th 1953 a drummer was born of the name Robert Gearold Chouinard most people knew him as Bobby or B.C..With the Beatles attacking US soil and being on the Ed Sullivan show they might have introduced just not bad haircuts to the TV audience they introduced Bobby to a future of playing drums for millions of people.

Bobby was born in Brockton Ma and his stomping grounds included Brockton, Stoughton Weymouth, and soon after the striving Boston music scene. Bobby played with bands such as Utopia, Orphan, James Montgomery, Duke and the classics, Duke and the drivers, Wiley Crawford, and many more. But him knowing this is as far as he can make it he moved on to the NYC night club scene and mixing his Boston roots of playing with the NYC style of rock drumming.

Soon making a name for himself going to open mic nights and finding himself working with late 70's  acts such as Carolyne Mas and Rockibilly legend Robert Gordon which Robert's band included Rob Stoner (Bob Dylan) and English Legend Chris Spedding. Both acts toured worldwide.

Bobby always had the smarts to look for the bigger door in this business so hearing through the grape vine that Billy Squier was looking for a drummer he received a call and went to the audition. After hearing the song the Big Beat, Bobby proceeded to play the song breaking the kit into pieces. Billy offered him the Job. Bobby also helped recruit Jeff Goulb (James Montgomery, Rod Stewart) Doug Lubahn (Doors, Pierce Arrow) which became some of the hit makers in the early 80's along with Alan St. Jon. The crew went onto selling 11 million records and also recording on albums for Ted Nugent, Peter Wolf, Cher, and many more.

Towards the Late 80's Bobby played on the multi million selling album Trash by Alice Cooper. Alice commented to me once Bobby hated practicing the songs he would rather just play them and get the energy and pure attack. He recorded the songs usually in 1 or 2 takes. Alice said he was one of the best he ever worked with
as many musicians I have talked to agreed.

Bobby was always known for his explosive power and huge Zeppelin type sound on the drums which most of that came from his pure love for the drums. Bobby played Ludwig drums mainly maple shells which give off that big open sound which is still sought after today. Throughout his life he has been on many records which some are legendary. His big influences were Ringo Starr and Don Brewer.

We lost Bobby on March 8th 1997. I could keep going on about his sound, accomplishments and attitude about his love for his gift. Bobby left us a legend and still lives on through videos, CD's and peoples thoughts

- Bobby Chouinard -
June 26th 1953 - March 8th 1997